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Judy Fragrant Bleach

Your house is perfectly clean, sanitary and fresh.

Leader in Tunisia,
Judy Fragrant Bleach is an efficient disinfectant; it whitens linen
and gets rid of unpleasant odours.
With forest fragrance, lemon and lavender, your house is clean and fresh.

  • Judy Fragrant Bleach was elected Product of the Year 2007.
  • Judy Fragrant Bleach is available in three sizes: 1,5L; 3L and 4,75L

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Check that the surface or the linen can be processed with Bleach.
Start with washing and rinsing the surface or linen in question.
Surfaces: To bleach and disinfect, dilute 60 ml of Bleach in 1 liter of cold water, leave it in contact for 5 minutes then rinse.
WC: To disinfect and eliminate odors, pour Bleach directly wait 5 minutes then flush the toilet. 
Linen: To bleach, dilute 100 ml of Bleach in 10 liters of cold water, let it soak for a maximum period of 5 minutes, rinse twice.  Be careful not to apply Bleach directly onto linen.

Do not use for the disinfection of edible goods or swimming pools.
To be used diluted and handled with gloves.
Don’t pour in another container and don’t use the empty container.
Don’t use simultaneously with acid products and don’t use on metals.
In case the product splashes into the eyes or on the skin wash immediately and abundantly with water, consult a doctor.
In case of accidental ingestion, don’t induce vomiting, consult immediately a doctor and show him the container and the label.
Keep away from heat and sunlight.
Keep out of children’s reach.

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Item Parcel Bar Code Box
Dimensions (cm)
Judy Fragant Bleach 1,5L Forest 12 6192002403188 37.2*28*29 20,37
Judy Fragant Bleach 1,5L Lemon 12 6192002403195 37.2*28*29 20,37
Judy Fragant Bleach 1,5L Lavender 12 6192002403287 37.2*28*29 20,37
Judy Fragant Bleach 3L Forest 6 6192002403232 36*24*34,5 20,19
Judy Fragant Bleach 3L Lemon 6 6192002403249 36*24*34,5 20,19
Judy Fragant Bleach 3L Lavender 6 6192002403300 36*24*34,5 20,19
Judy Fragant Bleach 4,75L Forest 4 6192002403256 31*28*35 21,21
Judy Fragant Bleach 4,75L Lemon 4 6192002403263 31*28*35 21,21
Judy Fragant Bleach 4,75L Lavender 4 6192002403324 31*28*35 21,21

Judy a clean world


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