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Judy Descaling Agent Extra Strong

Clean and perfume Toilets

Judy Descaling Agent Extra Strong  adheres perfectly to the wall of the toilet, the inclined neck allows the product to cover the entire surface of the bowl. Its riche and superpower formula, cleans in depth, ensures a maximum descaling and protects perfectly the enamel of WC. With Judy Extra Strong descaler the toilets are clean and perfumed.

  • Judy Descaling agent Extra Strong is available in 500 mL and 750mL.
  • Judy Descaling agent Extra Strong is available in one fragrance: ocean.

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Unscrew the security cap by applying pressure on the unruffled part and then turning the cap following the direction of the arrows.
Apply Judy Descaling Agent on the sides of the toilet bowl and under the edges.
Turn the cap on the opposite direction of the arrows until you hear « CLICK ».
Let it act for 15 minutes, brush the surfaces then rinse.

Wear hand gloves and protect your eyes.  
Only use on toilets
Don’t pour in another container and don’t use the empty container
Do not use simultaneously with other cleaning products, in particular bleach
In case the product splashes into the eyes wash immediately and abundantly with water, consult a doctor.
In case of accidental ingestion, don’t induce vomiting, consult immediately a doctor and show him the container and the label.
Keep at a temperature superior to 5°.
Keep out of children’s reach.  

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Item Parcel Bar Code Box
Dimensions (cm)
Judy Descaling Agent Extra Strong
Judy Descaling Agent Extra Strong 500 mL Ocean 12 6192002406394 30,5*18,5*24 7,26
Judy Descaling Agent Extra Strongl 750 mL Ocean 12 6192002406400 30,5*21,5*27,5 10,58

Judy a clean world

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