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Quality at the right price

Distinctions and awards

1983 National Presidential Award for Social Progress.
1986 First licence of conformity of chloride bleach to Tunisian standards.
1987 International award of promotion and prestige of cleaning products.
1988 Broadcasting the first Tunisian TV commercial.
1988 The First National Award for the Best Quality Circle of the Year.
2004 Trophy of the Best Package Tunisia Star Pack for Judy Bleach 3L.
2006 Election of Judy Bleach product of the year.
2007 Election of Judy Fragrant Bleach and Judy Cleaner products of the year.
2016 Election of the new range Judy fragrant Bleach product of the year 2016 in the Bleach category. The independent study was conducted by El Amouri Institute on a sample of 2400 Tunisian consumers.

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