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Quality at the right price


Leader in the market for multi-purpose household and floors and surfaces products, Judy offers you Carpets and upholstery shampoo.

Its professional formula allows you to clean and revive the colors of your carpets with ease. Anxious to meet the changing needs of our consumers, our formula is perfectly suited to modern life. This formula can be used without rinsing in order to have an ultra-fast drying.

With Judy rug, carpet and upholstery shampoo, find a professional result at home.

Judy Shampoo for carpets, fitted carpets & upholstery

Judy Shampoo for carpets, fitted carpets & upholstery was specially developed to clean…


Judy Laundry

Judy Laundry with soap, ensures the cleanliness of laundry both in manual washing…


Judy Automatic Laundry

Judy Automatic Laundry  is a liquid detergent intended for automatic or manual washing…