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Quality at the right price

Commitments and values

The main force of our corporation is the human resources; the satisfaction of our employees is a priority. Respect, trust, commitment and continuous improvement of work are the basic values we share to go ahead.

Our corporate culture is focused on maximal fulfilment of the needs and desires of our customers. We offer a wide range of products in conformity with the international quality and security standards at very competitive prices.

We take on as commitment to our customers:

  • Provide good quality products with the ordered quantities at competitive prices.
  • Adopt a coherent price setting policy and observe the delivery deadlines.
  • Deal quickly with the information and complaint requests.

As a citizen corporation, we give also an absolute priority to the respect of the environment. We conceive less polluting products, lighter packaging and adopt the necessary means for the sound management of waste (membership of the national program of collection and management of waste ECO-LEF, implementation of a wastewater processing plant…).

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