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Various tips

Give a long life to your bouquets

Remove the leaves that dip in water, put some drops of 12°bleach in the vase.
Do not forget to change the water daily and to cut, if necessary, the tips of the stems.

Eat fruit and vegetables safely

After washing the fruits or the vegetables, soak it in a mixture of water and bleach (7 drops of 12° bleach in one liter of water), then rinse with clean water. This is an essential measure during the epidemic period.

Nicotine marks on your fingers or black marks on your nails

Dip your fingers in the 12° Fragrant Bleach for few seconds, and rinse thoroughly.

Your old books are musty

Soak a sponge with a mild bleach solution, pass it over the book, and then leave it to dry.

Your garbage bags will no longer be a target

Put some drops of 12° bleach in your garbage bags before taking them out, they will not produce more bad smells or attract more animals and insects.

Drive insects away

To get rid of flies and mosquitoes, wash the areas in which they used to stand with a mixture composed of one glass (100 mL) of 12°bleach per one liter of water.