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Quality at the right price

Let’s know bleach

Bleach, the expert of disinfection in the whole house

Disinfection is an essential act of domestic hygiene.

Even in very dilute solutions, Judy bleach remains a very powerful bactericide that acts very quickly. A few drops of 12° bleach in one liter of water act effectively on 100% of known bacteria up to now. It is needed to use a pure anti-bacterial product for 15 minutes, to have the same result. The bleach destroys as well fungi, spores and also numerous viruses including AIDS, hence, its current use in hospitals.

With bleach, white is always sparkling

Judy bleach linen and enameled surfaces.

Add bleach to your rinse water, do not forget to rinse with water and you will obtain an immaculate white laundry without any deterioration.

Say no to bad smells!

Judy bleach tracks down all bad smells and no one can resist to it.

Everywhere at home, bleach will eliminate all the smells that bother you: sanitary equipments, kitchens, canalization and even the smells emerging from mold will be eliminated.

How to choose bleach?

The bleach that you buy on the Tunisian market must be in conformity with the following requirements:



  • Active chlorine: 12° chlorometric
  • Soda : max 2.5g/L
  • Potassium dichromate: none


The bleach intended to be sold to the public can only be packaged in:
  • Glass bottles, fitted with custom capsules.
  • Opaque plastic and non-returnable containers, with a maximum capacity of 5L, fitted with hermetic, equipped with airtight capsules, inviolable and personalized.
mt-imag Judy bleach satisfies all these requirements. From manufacturing to storage, our quality control laboratory performs continuous analysis to give you a bleach of high quality.
Judy bleach has the label of compliance with Tunisian standards (TS).

How to preserve bleach perfectly?

The bleach should be preserved in the following conditions:
  • In a very clean packaging. In fact, dirt leads to the decomposition of bleach which makes it lose all its properties.
  • In an opaque packaging or a packaging sheltered from the light.
  • In a closed packaging.

A good quality bleach, which is badly preserved, loses effectiveness!

Precautions to be taken when using bleach

Bleach is a safe product under normal conditions of use:
  • Bleach should never be preserved in food packaging so that no confusion can occur.
  • It should always be used alone; otherwise the expected results will be compromised. Furthermore, its mixture with acid products produces a harmful emission of chlorine gas.
  • Do not use fragrant bleach for the disinfection of food.
  • See the safety instructions on our product labels.