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Laundry care with bleach

The bleaching process should only deal with fabrics whose label bears a triangle.

To make your laundry white again

First, wash the clothes with your usual detergent, rinse, and then bleach as follows:
3 tablespoon of 12°bleach in 5 liters of water. Rinse thoroughly.

To ensure a perfect hygiene of your laundry of everyday life

Wash your laundry as usual, rinse it, and then bleach as follows: 2 tablespoons of 12° bleach in 5 liters of water for 4 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

To remove stains without rubbing

Start by treating the stain by soaking it in bleached water as follows:

12° Bleach extended to 5 times its volume for fresh food or body stains and bleach extended to 2 times its volume for old and more stubborn stains.

Always rinse thoroughly before washing the whole laundry.

To use bleach in washing machine

Fill the tray with 12° bleach (100 mL for a 5 kg washing machine), make your normal machine cycle, and then add a second rinse cycle. Once thoroughly rinsed, the bleach doesn’t cause any allergy and doesn’t deteriorate the laundry.