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Quality at the right price

Floors and surfaces

Leader in the Tunisian market for floor and surfaces products, Judy offers you a wide range of cleaners and household cleaning products specifically designed for your various chores.

Our products accompany you daily to clean all your windows, floors and washable surfaces and to renovate or detach your tile floors.

Judy ensures cleanliness, shineness and freshness throughout the house!

Judy Floors and Surfaces

Leader in Tunisia, Judy Floors and surfaces cleans and perfumes all washable surfaces of the…


Judy Floors and Bathroom

Leader in Tunisia, Judy Floors and Bathroom Deodorant eliminates unpleasant odours and puts scent in…


Judy Stain Remover

Judy Stain Remover with caustic soda removes stains and renovates the entire kitchen : oven,…


Judy Windows Cleaner

Thanks to its new formula, Judy Windows cleaner gives your windows an unprecedented brightness. Judy…


Judy Scouring Agent

Leader in Tunisia, Judy Scouring Agent was conceived to clean, remove stains and renovate tiled…


Judy Floor Polish

Judy Floor Polish is conceived to put the shine back on tiled floors. It nourishes,…


Judy Protect Floor & Surface Disinfectant Cleaner

Judy Protect Floor and Surface Disinfectant Cleaner is a liquid disinfectant detergent specially designed to…